My First Encounter with Diabetes and Hypertension!

It was way back in October 2014 when I was 31 years, me and my wife we both decided to extend our family and visited a gynecologist, and she suggested us to undergo regular laboratory tests. When test results came back everything were in the normal range except my blood sugar which was in the range of 300 mg/dL and I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2.

Nevertheless, after 15 days I was diagnosed again with high blood pressure, it was in the range of 180/100 to 200/100 in all the five sphygmomanometer measurements. Hypertension is rightly called as "silent disease."  I never had any symptoms or signs of the same though I have a family history of the hypertension and my mother was the victim of the same.

After confirmation of above two dreadful disorders, I was very hesitant to start with the oral medications prescribed by the physicians because of their side effects. Doctors were trying their best to make me understand about the importance of starting oral medicatio…
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